Like Nothing on Earth.

SuperOrbs™ are a delicious and nutritious, vegan, superfood snack made with premium organic wholefoods and mildly sweetened with prebiotic, raw dark agave nectar.

There are six varieties in the range, each incorporating a staple food harvested for thousands of years by tribal cultures in their native regions around the world. Unlike most other snacks, we don’t use dates or peanuts so SuperOrbs™ have a unique taste and scrumptious truffle-like texture.


Packed with more superfoods than any other snack.


SuperOrbs™ are entirely plant-based, living-food snacks that are rich in dietary fibre and offer the perfect balance of essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, slow-release monosaccharides and alkalised protein providing exactly what your healthy, vital cells are looking for.


Introduce yourself to the one snack that can naturally boost your energy as well as strengthen your immune system at the same time. Choose one of the varieties from the menu on the left and taste life in the next dimension.